Other Work – Los Cielo, CA

The Los Cielo Elevated Rotational Community (E.R.C.) is a conceptual alternative to urban sprawl, a process that has consumed far more land than necessary, often at the cost of decreased agricultural area, greater congestion, increased travel times, and a vast consumption of resources to feed this protoplasmic growth. In short, destroying the open feeling we have strived so hard to acheive. It may be an oversimplification to state that two dimensions are always less efficient than three, but it is this premise on which Los Cielo is based.

There are a numberof important possibilities for the E.R.C. These include the following:

1.) The E.R.C. raises the capacities of a community while reducing the demands placed on it, i.e. and, mobility, fuels, and time. All factors that have diminished the ability of a city to serve its inhabitants.

2.) An efficient method of transportation is made possible by elevating the E.R.C. as a semi-lateral elevator system can be employed. This also provides a continually changing panoramic view from each unit, while freeing the land below for agricultural and recreational uses.

3.) By tracking the sun, an optional system is achieved that integrates solar space heating, air conditioning, water heating, and direct electrical conversion.

4.) Being distinct and unified, and not subject to endless growth, the E.R.C. will renew some of the social aspects lost in a contemporary city.

5.) Much higher densities can be achieved on less actual acreage than a conventional residential development of equal population. Specifically, Los Cielo achieves a density of 389.02 people/acre as opposed to a density of 23.44 people/acre in a typical suburban tract.

There are 464 two story, three bedroom living units designed to accomodate a population of 1,949 (approx. 2000 S.F./unit). These units will be independently manufactured, brought to the site, and placed into the superstructure. A convective glass skin will be added upon completion of unit placement.