Michael Karby Architecture and Planning is a full service design firm with over 25 years of experience in a varied range of commercial, residential, institutional, and planning projects.

Ducey's - Bass Lake California

Our Services

Our approach to design is very much client oriented. What this means, in practical terms, is that we listen to the client. We strive to reach a design solution that relies heavily on client involvement and input, while integrating the always important issues of site design, budget, and schedule.

After careful consideration of all of these factors, we will propose our best initial solution to any given design program. What we will not do is attempt to impose a predetermined solution on any client.

Depending on the desires of the client, we can provide a full range of Architectural services from a complete design, planning, engineering, and construction observation package, to a less inclusive design – build package, to simple design and planning studies. Whether a project is residential or commercial, large or small, affordable or opulent, we believe that each has its own unique potential just waiting to be discovered.

We provide free onsite initial design consultations.
We have designed everything from resorts to rocks (yes, rocks). No job is too large or too small.

As you view the work displayed in this site, you will see a wide variety of building types and styles. From large hotels to small homes. From schools to churches. We do not believe that there is only one “true” or appropriate style of Architecture. But rather that the joy of Architecture comes from the desire to embrace it in all of its forms.

Mountain Residence - Bass Lake California